“The Gelfling’s Quest”


Hey Guys it is Gadget; and have I got a treat for you, What if I told you that the “Skeksis’” and the “Mystics” are back?

Well they are and this August on Netflix, a childhood favorite of mine returns with all new stories in a  “Prequel” to the greatest Jim Henson wizardry ever to grace the movie screens of the 1980’s; “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.”

But, before we talk about this, we need to go back in time to where the story conclude; but began.

Those of you, like me, who grew up in the 1980’s saw shows like the “Muppet Show” or “Stars Wars” and are familiar with the works of Jim Henson and his creature shop.  In the 1980’s puppetry was an art form all its own; and using that art form were two people by the names of  Jim Henson and Frank Oz; as they used that talent to directed a little move called “The Dark Crystal” in 1982.

“The Dark Crystal” told the story of “Jen the “Gelfling” on a quest to restore balance to his world by returning the lost shard of a powerful but broken gem called “The Pure Crystal“.

It spoke of a prophecy: “What was Sunder and Undone shall be whole; the two made one.  At the time of The Great Conjunction, a Gelfling would heal the Dark Crystal reuniting the Skeksis and Mystics into the UrSkek.”

It seems that over a thousand years ago on the planet “Thra” the crystal had been cracked and in that damage created two new races to appear: the malevolent “SKEKSIS” and the kind wizards called “MYSTICS.” Yet the story was portrayed as very dark for children, yet many kids (like this reporter) did go to see it despite the adult undertones. It seems kids were more resilient back then; and understood what was fantasy and reality, but I digress.

During his quest Jen meets “Kira”, another surviving Gelfling, who can communicate with animals.  Along the way they discover that they have a telepathic link between each other which Kira calls “Dreamfasting”; showing each other’s lives before they met.  Dodging all the tricks and traps, set by the Skeksis’, Jen and Kira reach the Crystal’s chamber in the hopes of healing the crystal before the darkness fall on them.  Jen, fulfilling the prophecy, leaps onto the crystal and drops the shard as the Skeksis’ try to stop him; but Kira retrieves it and throws it back to him, but is given a fatal wound as she is impaled by the Skeksis’ high priest. Then the Mystics enter the chamber, as Jen plunges the shard into the crystal, and in one whoosh of bright light the Mystics and Skeksis merge into tall glowing beings known as “UrSkeks.”

The leader of the “UrSkeks” explains to Jen, as he holds Kira’s lifeless body, that in their “arrogance” and “delusion” they shattered the “pure” crystal and this darkness caused their world to spit apart.  As a reward for Jen’s courage and sacrifice; the UrSkeks revive Kira and, leaving the Pure Crystal to the Gelflings on the now-rejuvenated Thra, ascend into the heavens fulfilling the prophecy of their existence.

There were talks to create a squeal during the development phase of The Dark Crystal. Director Jim Henson and writer David Odell discussed ideas for the possible sequel as, almost 25 years later, Odell and his wife Annette Duffy pieced together what Odell could recall from these discussions to draft a script for “The Power of the Dark Crystal.”

Yet, back in 2012, do to many complications production on the film has been suspended indefinitely.

Then on July 1, 2013, there was an announcement was made by “The Jim Henson Company” and partners that they would be hosting a “Dark Crystal Author Quest Contest” to write a new Dark Crystal novel, as a “prequel” to the original film. J.M. (Joseph) Lee of Minneapolis, Minnesota, whose story, “The Ring of Dreams,” was selected; and May 2014, Lisa Henson confirmed that the film was still in development, but it is not yet in pre-production.

Ultimately, plans for a feature film were scrapped, and the un-produced screenplay was adapted into a 12-issue comic book series “The Power of the Dark Crystal” from Archaia Comics and BOOM! Studios, released in 2017.

Or so we thought……..

Now that we know about the end of the story, Let us talk about the beginning; the beginning of the darkness of “The Dark Crystal”……


It was announced that on May 2017, The Jim Henson Company and Netflix would pick up where (in May of 2014) they left off. Three years later and they finally decided to produce the “Prequel” of  “The Dark Crystal”, but instead of a movie it world be a serial series on Netflix

“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” , set to air August 30, 2019 on Netflix, takes us back years before the events of the 1982 movie and tells the story of three Gelflings –> “Rian, Brea and Deet” as they discover the secret behind the Skeksis’ power, and undertake a quest to start a rebellion and save the world.


The new plot of this story is that the world of Thra is dying and “The Crystal of Truth” (originally called “The Pure Crystal in 1982 version) is at the heart of Thra, a source of untold power. But it is damaged, corrupted by the evil Skeksis, and a sickness spreads across the land. When three Gelfling uncover the horrific truth behind the power of the Skeksis, an adventure unfolds as the fires of rebellion are lit and an epic battle for the planet begins.

Written by Jeffrey Addiss, Will Matthews, and Javier Grillo-Marxuach filming began in the United Kingdom in November 2017; with Louis Leterrier serving as director for this incarnation of “The Dark Crystal”. At New York Comic Con last year (which this reported attended); Leterrier insisted that the series would depend on puppetry and not CGI,except for the use of green screen to remove the puppeteers, realized using classic puppetry with cutting edge visual effects was they way to go this time around.

*Video courtesy of New York Comic-Con 2018 Netflix and Chills


“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” voice cast is also something to speak about as it has a whose who of stars:

Taron Egerton, as “Rian”

Anya Taylor-Joy as “Brea”

Nathalie Emmanuel as “Deet”

Donna Kimball as “Aughra”

and additional voices who will grace our ears in future episodes:

  • Caitriona Balfe
  • Helena Bonham Carter
  • Harris Dickinson
  • Alice Dinnean
  • Natalie Dormer
  • Harvey Fierstein
  • Louise Gold
  • Mark Hamill
  • Ralph Ineson
  • Jason Isaacs
  • Eddie Izzard
  • Theo James
  • Hannah John-Kamen
  • Toby Jones
  • Keegan-Michael Key
  • Shazad Latif
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson
  • Simon Pegg
  • Andy Samberg
  • Neil Sterenberg
  • Mark Strong
  • Alicia Vikander
  • Victor Yerrid

So tune in to Netflix this August 30, 2019 and find out the secret than many of us already know…..

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Story by: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget of Gadget Vlogs

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Summer “Breaking” News for the Mansion


Hey Guys it is Gadget and it seems The Gang from Supermansion is making a splash this summer with SONY and a “Summer Break” special for you.

“SuperMansion: Summer Vacation Special,” will debut this August 16th  with an exclusive starting Monday, August 13th on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 through the Crackle app.  The episode has the team heading to Hawaii where Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) runs into a vacationing former President Barack Obama (Jay Pharoah), Black Saturn (Tucker Gilmore) and Lex (Jillian Bell) teach Cooch (Heidi Gardner) how to swim, and American Ranger (Keegan-Michael Key) attempts to perform in a USO show while an evil threat brews under the sea.

Yet, many of you will not have to wait long for Sony/Crackle will debut the “World Premiere” at SeriesFest in Denver, Co on Saturday June 23rd.  http://www.seriesfest.com/

Additionally, make sure to catch tonight’s new episode of “SuperMansion”, episode 306, “The Long Chaun.”   In this episode the League of Freedom travels to the Godsrealm to save former member Zenith (Yvette Nicole Brown) from her evil Uncle Ridan (Taran Killam). Robobot (Zeb Wells) learns what it means to be a real boy as Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) must prove to be a hero true in order to wield the Sword of Azimuth.


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By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget

A Mansion of a Super Episode


Hey Guys it is Gadget and you need to get over to http://www.sonycrackle.com/supermansion  right away to catch an “ALL NEW EPISODE” of “SuperMansion” that dropped today May 14, 2018.

It seems that season three of “SuperMansion,” gives the lunatics the keys to the asylum as Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) is declared a hero after “saving the world” at the end of last season.  As a result, he and the Injustice Club are now all made honorary members of the League of Freedom.  Now it is up to the heroes and villains to learn, live, and work together as they are going to combat the never-ending amount of evil in the world.

Check out the link for an exclusive clip from the show:



Episode 302 , brand new, features special guest Mikey Day (“Saturday Night Live”) as Max Penalizer, an anti-hero meting out justice with his Ball Peen Gavel of Justice.  The plot of the episode has “Masters of Lex” dating the vigilante anti-hero Max Penalizer (Day); as Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) and Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) team up to break them up.  Meanwhile, the villains of the mansion set their eyes on bedding Cooch (Heidi Gardner); as, thought out all of this, Robobot (Zeb Wells) learns the dangers of telling humans little white lies.

So tune in today May 14, 2018 to see how the gang gets thought another challenge of being friends and enemies; while living under the same roof.

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*****“SuperMansion” is created by Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich, who also act as executive producers under their production company Stoopid Buddy Stoodios alongside Seth Green, John Harvatine IV and Eric Towner.  Bryan Cranston and James Degus also serve as executive producers under their production banner Moonshot Entertainment. The series is directed by Nick Simotas (“Back at the Barnyard”) and distributed by Sony Pictures Television Inc.


By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget of Gadget’s Vlogs

A Tale of Two Houses


Hey Guys…  It is Gadget and I just wanted to ask; “How many of you come from what you would call a ‘Normal’ Home life?”  Well what if your life was already predetermined for you based on a theory or because of an illness; how would you feel if that was your life?  Would you feel betrayed or determine to know why your life was not normal, but another person’s idea of keeping you safe? Could you have the strength to break free of that life or learn from and move forward into your future?


In the Movie “The House of Tomorrow” we see just that from the point of views of Sebastian and Jared as they both are living in world of isolation and looking for a way out.  Both are lonely and trying to make sense of the world they live in, until the day Sebastian’s Nana has a stroke.  Yet, “The House of Tomorrow is also a Book; which is told through Sebastian’s eyes about how after his Nana had her stroke her ideals and good intentions may lead to new discoveries, but can cost you a life you knew nothing about. Both the Movie and the Book ask the question: “How do you really know what you are missing when you do not even know it exist.” Each version of the story has its own good and bad points in portraying a message to be yourself and live.

The movie version does make some changes in it from the book, but are so slight that you will only notice if you read the book first. The movie also takes place over the summer where as in the book it takes place during winter.  It was Jared and his mom who visits the dome in the book and not Jared’s dad who brings a church group for a trip to see the dome. Also they switch the roles of Jared’s mom and dad as the main stable parent of him and his sister.  Sebastian character is even change visually for the movie as from a Blonde haired to a Dark Brown haired boy. Even Jared’s character’s glasses from the book version have disappeared in the movie version. Even Sebastian’s relationship with Jared’s sister Meredith is scaled back from the book and just a side story in the movie.

The movie uses more of a visual take on some of the book’s scenes with Sebastian and his Nana; as well as his interaction with the Whitcomb family when he goes to see Jared.  In the book Sebastian is told to change the signs to closed for the dome and the movie has him taking over while his Nana recovers from the stroke.  The book goes more into how the boys build their band while becoming friends, learning from each other, and Sebastian’s betrayal of his Nana’s wishes of him taking over the life of the dome from her; while the movie has Jared as more of the teacher and Sebastian as the student learning that his life is not the only type of life out there in the world.  Yet, both version do show how two very different people who are raised differently want the same thing; not to be alone and to leave their own mark on the world.


The “Movie” stars Asa Butterfield (Merlin, Ender’s Game, The Space Between Us) as Sebastian Pendergast a young 16 year old boy who lives in a Dome with his Nana who follows the works of R. “Bucky” Buckminter Fuller inventor of the Geodesic Dome.  In both the movie and the book we see Sebastain at top the Dome looking out into the town wondering is there really more to life than just his small universe around him.  That could the universe be bigger than one person’s ideals on how life should be on the ball we call the Earth.


Alex Wolff (The Naked Brothers Band, From Up on Poppy Hill, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) as Jared Whitcomb a young 16 year old boy punk rocker with a broken heart who wants to just rock out and live.  Who now is under the watch of his dad (movie) or mom (book), depending on what you read or saw first, out of fear that Jared could relapse and reject his new heart. Yet, (in the book) Jared is just trying to make sense of his situation and how he can live for the kid that lost his life to save his.

Ellen Burstyn executive producer (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Requiem for a Dream, The Age of Adaline) as Josephine “NANA” Prendergast who has a “new way of thinking” and very protective of her grandson after his parents die in a plane crash.  She raises Sebastian in isolation and with the views of her mentor Bucky (R. “Bucky” Buckminter Fuller).  Bucky believes we need to live as minimalist way of life and in harmony with the world around us; that is will be the way people will live in the future. Yet, do to a stroke opens the door for Sebastian to find out that his world of isolation was just that and now he has the choice to live his life or his Nana’s.

Maude Apatow (Knocked Up, This is 40, Girls) as Meredith Whitcomb and Jared’s sister, who which Sebastian has a crush on, is living her own isolation and escapism by having guys enter her room; while hiding the fact (both movie and book) that she loves her bother and is upset with everyone on how they are treating him. That she knows it is wrong, but what can she say for she fears that if she is nice to Jared he would only think it is because of his heart and not that she does not want her brother to die.

Nick Offerman executive producer (Gravity Falls, Gilmore Girls, Life in Pieces)  as Alan Whitcomb, father to Jared and Meredith,  plays the main parent in the story for the movie; where as the mom is the main parent in the book and both are concerned about Jared’s health.  The dialog is basically all from the book; with a few changes here and there as Mr. Whitcomb is seen as more of the stable parent and Mrs. Whitcomb is not.

Michaela Watkins (Anger Management, New Girl, Robot Chicken) as Janice Whitcomb, mother to Jared and Meredith, and is not involved in her families life due to being an alcoholic. Yet in the book she is main parent and who helps Sebastian in his time of need.   .


“The House of Tomorrow” is in limited release from Shout Studios and Superlative Films.  Follow the link below to see where it will be playing next.  Also if you cannot make it to the movie, pick up a copy of the book by Peter Bognanni and see for yourself what path Sebastian took.  “The House of Tomorrow” is worth both the ticket and a good read.  What ever you chose know that it is “your choice” and “your future”.


(A side note: In researching this story this reporter found that the book gives more insight not only in the main character’s life, but also how this reporter was raised in a similar way of life; minus the food they ate and the punk band.)

By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget of “Gadget’s Vlogs”

Twice Upon The Library



Hey guys it’s Gadget…Get Ready, Get Set, and Get Going to The Library for “The Librarians” are back for a new season on TNT.

Dean Devlin producer of The Librarians franchise on TNT knocked it of of the park tonight with “back to back” episodes and be warned there maybe spoliers.


Episode one of season four (And The Dark Secret) bring us a blast from the past for Flynn as the gang is making preparations when the “Stones of Alexandria” are unearthed by some not so nice priests of “The Order” (and you thought all they did was serve a Higher Being).  It is now up to the team to get all the stones before the priests can use them to “destroy all knowlege”.

When you think you know what is going to happen, as our Librarians seem to gain and lose the uperhand, they make a miraculous save when a “jolt” keeps the door open for an “old friend” to be saved finally. It seems “Luck” was on their side, but have we seen the last of “The Order”?

Speaking of “Luck” that brings us to Episode two of season four (And The Steal of Fortune) as seems to be the most unluckiest and luckiest for our Librarians.  It opens up in the worst of luck; but due to a unique gift, by one of our Librarians, it seems their luck is changing for the better.

Puzzled by how people are losing their luck; the team heads to a racetrack and casino to find out the hows and whys when bad luck befalls a friend.  Once there it seems like any event until stange things happen. A race with no winners, machines that do not pay out, and a table that topples it players luck; just a normal day at the casino or is it?

Being The Librarians they are; the team goes and looks around.  After “testing” their luck, it seems a spell of “Miss-Fortune” falls upon everyone.  Once they figure it out how the spell is being cast, and how to break the spell, hyjinks insue when the “Luck” is being returned as they fight off the “bad” guys.

Not to give anymore spoliers away,  tune into TNT every Wenesday Night at 8pm est for new episodes of The Librarians this season. Also tune into TNT on demand or on the TNT App to watch tonight’s episodes to see how the team saves the day.

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A 20th Century Christmas


Hey Guys it is Gadget and have I got a review for you especially if you are looking for that Christmas gift for the Geeky/Nerd in you family.


It seems that 20th Century Fox has sent me a treat for you this Christmas and it is just what that Sci Fi, Comedy, or Action fan in your life wants.  Here are a sample of what you can find out now from  20th Century Fox this Christmas:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Encyclopedia | Price: $14.99

A comprehensive, authorized compendium of all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer, published in celebration of the revered show’s twentieth anniversary.  Fans can now discover Buffy’s world with this full-color A-to-Z encyclopedia that catalogs, explains, and cross-reference every detail of the Buffyverse, from characters, locations, and weapons to episodes, demons, and recurring gags.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Encyclopedia


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Official Grimoire | Price: $14.99

The Official Grimoire is the first and only truly comprehensive collection of every magical moment from all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, humorously narrated by beloved resident witch Willow Rosenberg. Completely illustrated and annotated by the rest of the gang, this book of spells is a unique keepsake for fans of the Buffy-verse and an incredible celebration of the show’s twenty-year legacy.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Official Grimoire


USAopoly Monopoly: Planet of the Apes | Price: $39.95

The Planet of The Apes Monopoly® features custom illustrated art by Dave Perillo with a vintage feel from the classic 1968 science fiction film.

USAopoly Monopoly: Planet of the Apes


Funko Pop! Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher | Price: $12.90

The oldest child of the Belcher clan gets the Funko treatment in this vinyl figure! Show off your support for Bob’s Burgers when you add this BoxLunch exclusive Tina holding burgers to your Funko Pop! collection! For every exclusive Tina Funko Pop! purchased, 10 meals* will be donated to Feeding America.

Funko Pop! Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher



         Kevin             Harry           Marv

Home Alone Funko Pop!s Kevin, Harry, Marv | Price: $10.99

A few characters from the classic Holiday film Home Alone are now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment. This series features Kevin, he’s home alone and must protect his house! Coming equipped to take on anyone with his BB gun and a hot iron. Also, the “Wet Bandits” Harry and Marv. Harry comes with his torch blown burnt head, and Marv is featured with his iron burn on his face and holding a crow bar.


The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird: A Picture Book | Price: $13.29

Best pals Dana (Scully) and Fox (Mulder) have pitched a tent in the backyard for a sleepover. But the night is full of strange sounds, lights, and shadows. Surely there’s a rational, scientific explanation for everything . . . or is there? With beautiful illustrations of pint-sized Dana and Fox, this humorous and not-scary-at-all story will introduce the cult TV show to an entire new generation of fans.

The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird: A Picture Book


A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic| Price: $15.29

The unconventional fan-favorite movie Die Hard is now an illustrated storybook for adults—complete with machine guns, European terrorists, and a cop who’s forced to rely on all his cunning and skills (and the help of a fellow officer) to save the day. Based on the classic “Night Before Christmas” poem and filled with whimsical illustrations, this cleverly re-imagined homage is destined to become a holiday classic.

A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic


So how many of you are going to have these gifts under your tree or in your Christmas Stocking?  I know I am looking forward to all of these and more from 20th Century Fox.

Merry Christmas from me Gadget and 20th Century Fox.

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